A Weekend in Cologne

I was very lucky to have my parents visit for 5 days over Easter weekend, which I'd been looking forward to for weeks. They landed in Cologne on Thursday lunch time and I went to their hotel to meet them after I'd finished work, with it being Easter weekend I didn't have to work Friday … Continue reading A Weekend in Cologne


A Weekend in Salzburg

Last weekend I had the pleasure of flying to Salzburg to meet Katherine for a fun-filled weekend of sightseeing, eating and drinking. Our weekend started on Friday after my plane landed at just after 4pm, I was quite shocked at the lax security and I didn't even have my passport checked once! We got a … Continue reading A Weekend in Salzburg

On Spending your Birthday Alone in a Foreign Country

So most people on their year abroad will inevitably be spending their birthday in a foreign country, whether you've made great friends to celebrate it with or feel like you're all by yourself I've got some tips on making your day just a little brighter. 1. Video call with someone from back home Whether that's … Continue reading On Spending your Birthday Alone in a Foreign Country