My top 5 moments in Germany

Disclaimer: ok so 2 of top 5 moments aren't technically in Germany, but they occured while I was living here so they definitely count. It feels very bittersweet that I am approaching my last weeks as an intern in Cologne, the past 5 months have been a fantastic experience and I will be leaving Germany … Continue reading My top 5 moments in Germany


5 reasons pole dance made my year abroad better

First of all I would like to introduce this post by apologising for not posting in what feels like forever. I can't really say that I've been particularly busy, more so particularly lazy. But I thought I would write a short little post about how pole dancing improved my year abroad. If you have a … Continue reading 5 reasons pole dance made my year abroad better

A weekend in Brussels

I thought I would carry on my "weekend in..." posts, and this weeks edition is all about my recent trip to Brussels to meet Annabel. I travelled straight after work on Friday on the 15:40 direct train to Brussels Midi Station. I arrived just after 6pm and we headed straight to the hostel to drop our bags … Continue reading A weekend in Brussels


A Weekend in Salzburg

Last weekend I had the pleasure of flying to Salzburg to meet Katherine for a fun-filled weekend of sightseeing, eating and drinking. Our weekend started on Friday after my plane landed at just after 4pm, I was quite shocked at the lax security and I didn't even have my passport checked once! We got a … Continue reading A Weekend in Salzburg


Week 1 in Köln

I can't believe it's already been a week since I flew into Cologne/Bonn airport and made my way to my new flat. The week has flown by and I've had so much fun, with my first week in Cologne already surpassing my whole 5 months in Seville. It's no secret that I didn't have the … Continue reading Week 1 in Köln


Summing up Seville

Well after 5 and a half months of living in Seville my time there has come to an end and I figured it was time to write a blog post about my experience. I hope this post will help others who are considering doing a year abroad whether that be in Seville or another city. … Continue reading Summing up Seville


On Spending your Birthday Alone in a Foreign Country

So most people on their year abroad will inevitably be spending their birthday in a foreign country, whether you've made great friends to celebrate it with or feel like you're all by yourself I've got some tips on making your day just a little brighter. 1. Video call with someone from back home Whether that's … Continue reading On Spending your Birthday Alone in a Foreign Country