Summing up Seville

Well after 5 and a half months of living in Seville my time there has come to an end and I figured it was time to write a blog post about my experience. I hope this post will help others who are considering doing a year abroad whether that be in Seville or another city. … Continue reading Summing up Seville


Andy’s visit to Seville

After all the Christmas, New Year and Hong Kong excitement my 21st birthday came around really quickly and the week after that Andy came to visit me in Seville. We got 4 full days in Seville and then stayed in Malaga overnight before his flight home. Although it was only a fortnight since I last … Continue reading Andy’s visit to Seville

The Color Run Sevilla 2016

(It pains me very much to keep writing 'color' instead of 'colour' but that's the official name so please bear with me) On last Sunday (the 6th Nov) I completed the Color Run with my friend Mari and her 3 friends. Now, if you've never heard of the Color Run before, it calls itself the … Continue reading The Color Run Sevilla 2016


Las Setas

So on Tuesday I met up with Silva, who I met on my hiking trip a few weeks ago, and we went out for a walk and decided to go up Las Setas. It is claimed to be the biggest wooden structure in the world and was completed in 2011, it is made up of … Continue reading Las Setas


La Catedral de Sevilla y La Giralda

After living here for almost 5 weeks I finally visited the cathedral! I think the entry for students was about 4€, free for Spanish nationals and general entry was 9€. It is so huge that it is impossible to capture it all in one photo, and it looks even bigger from the inside. There are two parts … Continue reading La Catedral de Sevilla y La Giralda


Senderismo en Aznalcóllar, Sevilla

21:39 on Saturday night and I am sat in bed eating nachos and salsa absolutely exhausted from the day's activities. Today I went hiking in Aznalcóllar, a small pueblo outside of Sevilla, we took the bus there which took about an hour and then we were on our way. I was very grateful that my friend Cristi … Continue reading Senderismo en Aznalcóllar, Sevilla


Things to Do/See in Seville

So, what amazing sights have I seen here in Seville I hear you are dying to know? Well not really, but you can read about it anyway. During my first few weeks I have managed to suffer through the heat (while complaining constantly to everyone who was back in England) and got out and about. So … Continue reading Things to Do/See in Seville