A weekend in Heidelberg

I recently spent the weekend in Heidelberg to see my good friend Julia, Julia is from Russia but she currently studies at Heidelberg uni so we’ve met up twice since I moved to Cologne in February. We met 2 years ago in Aachen while we were both at the same Summer School to improve our … Continue reading A weekend in Heidelberg


A weekend in Brussels

I thought I would carry on my "weekend in..." posts, and this weeks edition is all about my recent trip to Brussels to meet Annabel. I travelled straight after work on Friday on the 15:40 direct train to Brussels Midi Station. I arrived just after 6pm and we headed straight to the hostel to drop our bags … Continue reading A weekend in Brussels

Goals for Germany

When I started my year abroad way back when in September, I had all these ideas about how I was going to spend my time away but unfortunately many of them remain unfulfilled. I wanted to join a gym, but 2 weeks into my exercise routine my collapsed lung started hurting again, I wanted to … Continue reading Goals for Germany


Summing up Seville

Well after 5 and a half months of living in Seville my time there has come to an end and I figured it was time to write a blog post about my experience. I hope this post will help others who are considering doing a year abroad whether that be in Seville or another city. … Continue reading Summing up Seville


A weekend in Córdoba

This past weekend (12th and 13th Nov) I went to Córdoba for two days with my friend Mari and her friend Ana. We decided to go for two days so we could see everything although Córdoba is tiny so you could probably do it in just one day. Despite a rather interesting first Airbnb experience … Continue reading A weekend in Córdoba


Snippets from Tutor Post 1

As part of my assessment at uni I have to write 3 tutor posts of 800-1,000 words to let the uni know how I'm getting on, these posts are spread out across the year with one in November, February and then May. I thought I would post little snippets here with a description to give you … Continue reading Snippets from Tutor Post 1


Las Setas

So on Tuesday I met up with Silva, who I met on my hiking trip a few weeks ago, and we went out for a walk and decided to go up Las Setas. It is claimed to be the biggest wooden structure in the world and was completed in 2011, it is made up of … Continue reading Las Setas