My top 5 moments in Germany

Disclaimer: ok so 2 of top 5 moments aren't technically in Germany, but they occured while I was living here so they definitely count. It feels very bittersweet that I am approaching my last weeks as an intern in Cologne, the past 5 months have been a fantastic experience and I will be leaving Germany … Continue reading My top 5 moments in Germany


5 reasons pole dance made my year abroad better

First of all I would like to introduce this post by apologising for not posting in what feels like forever. I can't really say that I've been particularly busy, more so particularly lazy. But I thought I would write a short little post about how pole dancing improved my year abroad. If you have a … Continue reading 5 reasons pole dance made my year abroad better

Interrailing 2017

Andy and I had been planning on going interrailing for a few months so when there was a special offer on tickets bought before 1 Jan 2017 we bit the bullet and purchased 2 Youth Tickets (which are 25% cheaper than if you're 28 or older). We decided to go for 7 days of travel within 30 … Continue reading Interrailing 2017


A weekend in Heidelberg

I recently spent the weekend in Heidelberg to see my good friend Julia, Julia is from Russia but she currently studies at Heidelberg uni so we’ve met up twice since I moved to Cologne in February. We met 2 years ago in Aachen while we were both at the same Summer School to improve our … Continue reading A weekend in Heidelberg


A weekend in Brussels

I thought I would carry on my "weekend in..." posts, and this weeks edition is all about my recent trip to Brussels to meet Annabel. I travelled straight after work on Friday on the 15:40 direct train to Brussels Midi Station. I arrived just after 6pm and we headed straight to the hostel to drop our bags … Continue reading A weekend in Brussels


5 fun facts about Cologne

Since I've already written a similar blog post about Seville (here) I thought I would do the same for Cologne. I've been living here for just under 3 months now and have fallen absolutely in love with this wonderful city and it's friendly inhabitants. Although not the most beautiful city in Germany, Cologne definitely has … Continue reading 5 fun facts about Cologne


LDR Series: 5 things I’ve learnt from my LDR

In part 4 of the LDR Series I'm going to talk about the 5 most important things that my LDR has taught me since September. I’ve previously covered the benefits of being in a LDR and how to make it work but today I wanted to talk about the things that I’ve learned since moving … Continue reading LDR Series: 5 things I’ve learnt from my LDR