Hi there!

I’m Eleanor, 21 years old and currently living in Cologne, Germany. I’m abroad as part of my 3rd year at university and have already spent 5 months in Seville and then another 5 in Cologne, Germany. In Sevilla I worked in translation and in Cologne I am working in the sales department of a international chemical distribution company.

My home uni is in Newcastle and I’m originally from Hull, dividing my time fairly unevenly  between the two (sorry Mum) as my beloved boyfriend, Andy, is a Geordie through-and-through.

Proud as punch at Andy’s graduation
My lovely family there to wave me off: Dad, Andy and Mum

My hobbies include reading, going to the gym, pole dancing and anything related to dogs.

My favourite food is patty and chips with mushy peas from Frydays in Anlaby (very specific)

My favourite film is Back to the Future (ahh Marty McFly)

My favourite animal is a dog (particularly my beloved Bob, see below)

My best friend, Bob

I love travelling and seeing the world, which is why me and Andy are going interrailing in August. Hopefully we will be visiting lots of places together in the future and I can tick even more countries off my map:

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And that’s about it really! Hope you enjoy my blog 🙂