5 reasons pole dance made my year abroad better

First of all I would like to introduce this post by apologising for not posting in what feels like forever. I can’t really say that I’ve been particularly busy, more so particularly lazy. But I thought I would write a short little post about how pole dancing improved my year abroad. If you have a hobby then I definitely recommend joining a local club to help you settle in to your new life! I’ve included a few pole photos from my YA to give you an idea of what a typical training session looks like.

1. I met loads of lovely people

When you live in a foreign country and haven’t made any new friends, joining a local sports club can be a great way to be introduced to people. I met loads of lovely people through my two different pole studios, and although we didn’t become close friends, every week I looked forward to going to class.

2. It helped me settle in

The year abroad isn’t known for being the most stable time in your life, and I can definitely agree after having lived in two different countries in the last 11 months! But joining the pole studios helped me feel a bit more at home, because I was doing a hobby that I had lovingly practiced for the last 2 years.


3. I always looked forward to going

Not only did pole give me a sense of familiarity, it also gave me a bit of stability. I knew that if I didn’t have anything planned for that week, I still had my pole class to look forward to and Thursday nights always came around quickly.

4. Extra language practice

An obvious benefit of the classes is the fact that I am spending even more time immersed in the target language, and it’s always good fun to learn the name of your favourite move in different countries. I’m sure several times I’ve had a puzzled look on my face when asked to do a specific move, to then realise that we call it something completely different in England!


5. It’s fun and I enjoy it!

I find going to a pole class much more enjoyable than going to the gym, and definitely appreciate the extra exercise as of recent. When the year abroad can be a daunting and lonely time, having my own time to do something that I love can really bring my mood up when otherwise I would just be sat at home feeling rubbish. I really appreciate everyone I’ve met, in Seville as well as Cologne, for being so friendly and welcoming me to their studio with open arms.


Well there are 5 great reasons why you should join a local club to do your hobby, whether that be sports, a book club or even just a languages group. It can definitely brighten your mood doing something that you love, especially when you’re not in your usual environment. I’ve absolutely loved every single pole class I’ve been to and can’t wait to get back to Newcastle to train properly again. Thanks for reading! xxx


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