Interrailing 2017

Andy and I had been planning on going interrailing for a few months so when there was a special offer on tickets bought before 1 Jan 2017 we bit the bullet and purchased 2 Youth Tickets (which are 25% cheaper than if you’re 28 or older). We decided to go for 7 days of travel within 30 days as they were the most popular tickets, and what we thought would be the best value for money to suit our travel plans. We (Andy) had already picked out a rough route before we purchased the tickets so we had more of an idea on which tickets to buy, there are options ranging from 5 travel days within 15 days all the way to a continuous travel pass within 1 month. To see the different tickets and their prices click here.


Due to the fact that we will be travelling in August, right in the middle of school holidays, we (I) have planned out all the dates, hotels/hostels and overnight trains which will give us peace of mind that we will always have somewhere to stay the night and a seat on every train journey. I’ve set the whole holiday out in an Excel document so that I can keep track of how much we’ve paid, what we still owe and train/accommodation details. I quite fancied the idea of being spontaneous on the road and making it up as we go along, but it just wouldn’t be possible as it will be so busy in August and I would hate for the lack of planning to ruin this trip.

I finish my work placement on the 25th of July, Andy is meeting me in Cologne on the 26th, we are going to Amsterdam for a night on the 27th and then we take our first interrailing train on the 1st August. The route that we have decided to take, excluding Amsterdam, is as follows:

Cologne – Munich – Vienna – Budapest – Krakow – Prague – Berlin – Cologne

Map 3.jpg

We are returning back to Cologne at the end of the trip for two reasons, #1 is to collect my suitcase and belongings so that I don’t have to use a shipping company and #2 is because the flights are a lot cheaper from Düsseldorf.

To save a bit of money we will be staying in hostel dorms and private rooms, apart from in Budapest where I’ve booked us a private flat through Airbnb as a treat. I think it will be a great experience to meet lots of different people in the hostels and there will always be plenty to do, but equally we will have lots of time to spend together to make up for the 11 months apart.

I’m hoping to do a few more posts focusing on our trip so keep an eye out for those. Thanks for reading! xxx


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