A weekend in Heidelberg

I recently spent the weekend in Heidelberg to see my good friend Julia, Julia is from Russia but she currently studies at Heidelberg uni so we’ve met up twice since I moved to Cologne in February. We met 2 years ago in Aachen while we were both at the same Summer School to improve our German and have stayed in touch ever since.


Heidelberg is a university town situated in Baden-Württemberg, it is the fifth-largest city of the province and has a population of roughly 156,000 people (2015 census). Students make up approximately a quarter of Heidelberg’s population to attend Germany’s oldest university, which was founded in 1386 and is now one of the most reputable universities in Europe.

I travelled to Heidelberg on the Flixbus and arrived at 13:35 on Saturday lunch time, our first stop was of course to go and eat some lunch (falafel, our fave) via a walk through the city centre. Heidelberg is absolutely beautiful and I love how old all the buildings looked, this is because the city was not destroyed by air raids during WWII so many of the old buildings still stand.


After we’d been for some food and a walk around we headed back to Julia’s flat as we were having a BBQ that evening, we ended up making way too much food but the vegan selection was very good (thanks to the girls for making loads of food) and we had a great time drinking sangria and eating nachos before the rain started. Luckily Julia and I had popped inside with some of the spare food after we noticed the threatening black clouds, and approximately 1 second after we got under cover it started raining. When I say raining, I mean a thunderstorm started which meant that everyone outside was getting absolutely soaked. After the weather had calmed down a bit we made our way back to the centre for the Schlossbeleuchtung, a fireworks display that begins with the castle lighting up to give the appearance of it being on fire. After the display we went for a walk and then headed back to the flat sharing a stick of candy floss at about 11:30pm.


On Sunday, we went out for brunch and then climbed up Philosphenweg to get great views of Heidelberg and the castle from above, although the little stairway was closed which meant we had to walk the long way down it was a lovely morning and I’d definitely recommend it. After the tiring trek up and down we went back to the lebanese cafe for more falafel and tea and then tried to go get some cake but unfortunately the vegan cafe was closed. 😦


My bus was scheduled to come at 18:30, but it was over 45 minutes late and had an accident with a taxi on its way into the bus station which meant we had to wait an hour and a half for the police to come and resolve the situation. We finally set off at 20:30 and arrived back in Cologne some time around midnight, I didn’t fancy waiting for the train as they only came every hour and decided to get a (very very expensive) taxi back home. Luckily I had the Monday off work so I could just have a lie in and chill.

All in all I had a fantastic weekend with Julia and I’m already looking forward to the next time we’ll see each other. Thanks for reading! xxx


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