A weekend in Brussels

I thought I would carry on my “weekend in…” posts, and this weeks edition is all about my recent trip to Brussels to meet Annabel. I travelled straight after work on Friday on the 15:40 direct train to Brussels Midi Station. I arrived just after 6pm and we headed straight to the hostel to drop our bags and then went out for the night, which started with a bottle of wine and ended in a gay bar until the early hours of the morning!

On Saturday we got up nice and early, had our free breakfast at the hostel and then headed out for the day. On Saturday’s agenda was a two hour walking tour to get our bearings around the city, after walking about in 30+ degrees all morning we had some chips for lunch (did you know that chips were actually invented in Belgium… so much for the “French” fry!!), watched the F1 qualifying in a local Irish pub then headed back for a shower and a rest.


We took Saturday night a lot easier, had a disastrous meal at a Chinese/Japanese place and on a walk to a bar we stumbled across a free music gig so we went in to investigate and ended up having an amazing time! A jazz Festival was taking place the weekend that we were in Brussels so there was live music all over the city which created a great atmosphere. We were home before midnight unlike our roommates who strolled in at 7am!! We’d decided to stay in a hostel dorm to save a bit of money and ended up sharing with 2 lovely German girls, but we hardly saw them so it felt like we had the room to ourselves which was great.


We checked out of the room at 11 on Sunday morning, went to see the European Parliament (which was a bit underwhelming), collected our bags from the hostel, went for lunch and then watched the Monaco GP in the same Irish bar. As it was the world’s most boring grand prix we left about half way through and went back to the Grand Place to sit in the sun and listen to some live music.

I had a great weekend and it was lovely to see Annabel, my flixbus back to Cologne was supposed to be at 16:30 but it was 75 mins late so we ended up having to do a bit of waiting around but that wasn’t too bad. My journey home was fine and I ended up getting back to my flat at around 10pm then went straight to bed as I was at work the next day. Annabel has finished her time in Paris and flies back to the UK tomorrow but we will see each other again in September.

On Saturday I’m travelling to Heidelberg to visit Julia which I’m really looking forward to! Thanks for reading. xxx


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