LDR Series: 5 things I’ve learnt from my LDR

In part 4 of the LDR Series I’m going to talk about the 5 most important things that my LDR has taught me since September. I’ve previously covered the benefits of being in a LDR and how to make it work but today I wanted to talk about the things that I’ve learned since moving away from Andy. I’m going to Newcastle in 19 days (!) and then we only have 3 months of long distance left so hopefully the times goes quickly 🙂

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  1. Patience

Probably the most important thing that I have learnt from the past 8 months has been that patience is a virtue, the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other will be 3 months until my visit in May and it really does teach you that good things come to those who wait. Last year I could see Andy whenever I wanted to and we would spend a lot of time together, which made it really hard when I moved away as instead of actually being together we had to get used to video calls and texting. Now I can’t just text Andy and have him come over if I want to see him, but we have to organise plane and train journeys and practicalities such as who visits who, luckily I have a visit to Newcastle planned for May and Andy has booked his tickets over to Cologne in July so we both have something to look forward to.

  1. Relationships are hard work

Relationships are always going to be hard work but when you factor in the long distance it makes it even more difficult, especially at times when you’re both busy and don’t have time to talk as much as you’d like to. It really does take effort to keep the relationship strong, sometimes I’m too tired to video call but if we haven’t spoken for a few days then I try to make the effort to stay up a little later. However, you shouldn’t feel like you are always putting all the effort in and it may be a telling sign if your partner doesn’t seem to make as much time for you as you do for them.

  1. Time is precious

Making the most of your time together is a vital part of a long distance relationship, I’m very lucky and have seen Andy 4 times since I moved in September and every time we are back together we try to make the most of it. From going on day trips to getting a takeaway and watching telly, as long as you are together the time will be valuable. I value a weekend together so much more now than I ever did before and next year it will feel great when we can see each other whenever we want.

  1. The little things matter most

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things” I definitely agree with this quote, even more since moving away, and a special text or letter in the post can really make a difference and brighten your day. Even if you don’t have time for a really long video call just a quick 5 minute chat can be really nice, cheer you up if you’re feeling down and give you something to think about for the rest of the night.

  1. Spend time on yourself

It’s also really important to make time for yourself and not just spend every waking minute talking to your partner, this can be your chance to spend time with friends, pick up a new hobby, join a gym, whatever you want to do. Not only does the time go faster when you’re busy but it is also important to have a life separate from your relationship. I have seen too many couples who spend every living moment together and this year has made me realise how valuable having time to yourself is- whether that’s my weekly pole classes or a night spent with friends.

Well I hope you found this blog post interesting and I’d love to hear if there’s anything special that you’ve learnt from being in a long distance relationship. Thanks for reading!


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