A Weekend in Cologne

I was very lucky to have my parents visit for 5 days over Easter weekend, which I’d been looking forward to for weeks. They landed in Cologne on Thursday lunch time and I went to their hotel to meet them after I’d finished work, with it being Easter weekend I didn’t have to work Friday or Monday so we had a great long weekend together.


Our weekend mainly consisted of lots of walking, drinking and eating, and we managed to fit in most of the tourist spots while they were here despite the miserable weather. Over the weekend we walked across the famous Hohenzollern Bridge, went up the Cologne Triangle to get views across the city, walked through the Rheinpark, took the cable car across the river, climbed the cathedral, explored Ehrenfeld, Deutz and Kalk, did a boat tour and a bus tour and went to the fun fair.


This famous bridge crosses the Rhine and it accessible to rail and pedestrian traffic,  it was rebuilt in 1948 after it was destroyed by German military engineers during the Second World War. Today the bridge sees over 1,200 trains pass through daily and is now home to thousands of love locks on the fence between the pathway and railway tracks.



The Kölntriangle, completed in 2006, is a 103m-tall building in Deutz that offers panoramic views across Cologne. You can access the viewing platform for 3 euros during the day or at night to get spectacular views of the cathedral across the Rhein.



The Seilbahn is the cable car that travels over the Rhein, easily reachable from the metro station “Zoo/Flora” (line 18) or from the Rheinpark. You can also get the cable car at night between the months of April and October for a different view of the city. It’s not the most amazing cable car but it’s not bad for under 5€ and is an easy way to cross the river.



A trip to Cologne wouldn’t be complete without seeing the amazing cathedral, which is Germany’s most visited landmark and attracts an average of 20,000 people a day. Construction of the cathedral began in 1248 and it was completed in 1880 after a 400 year construction break. In 1996 the cathedral became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and to protect the views of the cathedral there is a restriction on the height of local buildings. Although badly damaged, the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) survived the bombings of the Second World War and is now at threat from weather and environmental influences. It’s also possible to climb up to the tower although not recommended if you’re not confident with hundreds of stairs! The views from the top are absolutely amazing and you can really see the fine detail of the cathedral. The cathedral is absolutely amazing and is probably my favourite part of Cologne.


So these were the main tourist attractions that we did over the weekend and the different things to do can give you a real taste for what this city is all about, as well as visiting all of the traditional German pubs, bars and restaurants. We saw lots of different parts of the city by making the most of the public transport, my parents saw my flat in the south, Ehrenfeld in the west, Deutz and Kalk across the Rhein and of course we explored the city centre and all it has to offer.


Despite the weather we had a great time together and I loved showing Mum and Dad around Cologne (with a little help from Grace), I also got to see new parts of the city and do new things including the cable car which I didn’t even know existed! Luckily Cologne is fairly easy to get to unlike Seville, and has flights from Manchester and other large UK airports but failing that Dusseldorf is only 40 minutes away on the train.


We honestly had such a good time together and it was sad when I dropped them off at the airport on Monday afternoon, but it’s not long until I’m home for a weekend (3 and a half weeks!). Thanks for a fab weekend xxxx

p.s. sorry for the picture overload!


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