Goals for Germany

When I started my year abroad way back when in September, I had all these ideas about how I was going to spend my time away but unfortunately many of them remain unfulfilled. I wanted to join a gym, but 2 weeks into my exercise routine my collapsed lung started hurting again, I wanted to do loads of travelling but that never materialised and I imagined making some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. But I am adamant that I won’t let my time in Germany fall foul of my inability to actually stick to what I say, so I am writing a blog post with my top 4 goals for Germany which I will be able to look back on in August and see how I’ve done. So without further ado:

  1. Join a gym

After overindulging constantly since Christmas I’ve found myself with a bit of a tummy which I’m very keen to lose so once my bank account is all set up I’m going to be trotting off to the gym to sign myself up for a 5 month membership. I´ll start off by going a few times during the week and once on a weekend until I’m back in the routine.

2. Travel

This is something that I really regret not doing in Spain and if I have to go alone then I will! I´m hoping to see Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Heidelberg and venture over to Belgium and the Netherlands seeing as I’m so close to the border.

3. Make the most of my spare time at work

My mentor works 9-3 which means I have an hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon to myself, if I´ve got no work to be doing then I´m going to try to do things that will be beneficial to me rather than wasting the time. Such as make a start on my essay or research for my final year dissertation proposal.

4. Visit friends

I already have a trip to Austria planned at the end of March to see my friend Katherine, will be meeting Annabel in Brussels in May and will be arranging a trip to Heidelberg to see Julia so I’m already half way there with this goal!

So there are my four simple goals for the next 5 months, hopefully I get on well with them and it will be interesting to see what I’ve managed to do when looking back in August. Thanks for reading!


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