Week 1 in Köln

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I flew into Cologne/Bonn airport and made my way to my new flat. The week has flown by and I’ve had so much fun, with my first week in Cologne already surpassing my whole 5 months in Seville. It’s no secret that I didn’t have the best time in Spain but now that I’m in Germany I’m already more than confident that I will have an amazing time here and meet some fantastic people. My flat is lovely, I’m living with two other Germans and have my own bedroom with sofa, desk, single bed and wardrobes and it’s absolutely perfect for me.

Early Saturday morning view from my bedroom window

I’m doing an internship at BCD Chemie, a company that supplies chemicals to customers all over the world, I work in the sales department with my mentor, Ayse, who has been so lovely and welcoming to me and making me feel at home already. I will be working here until the last week of July and I can’t wait to learn more about the company while improving my German.

I picked a good first week to come to Cologne as its the Cologne Carnival and the city is full of people in fancy dress! I had a work party on Thursday which meant I finished at 10am (easy life) and then spent all day drinking, finishing at a club dancing the night away. Unfortunately we were both at work the next day so we called it a night at 9 o’clock ready for the early start.

Steffi, a work friend, and I

I have the next two days off work (Monday and Tuesday) and I’ve been invited to a parade tomorrow and I’m spending Tuesday with Ayse. Then I’m being visited by my friend Julia who I met just under 2 years ago in Aachen when we were there for a languages course.

Aachen July 2015

So that’s all I have to say for now but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting blog posts. I hope to do a lot of travelling while I’m here in Germany to make the most of it. Thanks for reading!


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