On Spending your Birthday Alone in a Foreign Country

So most people on their year abroad will inevitably be spending their birthday in a foreign country, whether you’ve made great friends to celebrate it with or feel like you’re all by yourself I’ve got some tips on making your day just a little brighter.

1. Video call with someone from back home

Whether that’s your parents, your best friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend it’s guaranteed to make your day. It’s also a great substitute if you don’t have anyone to actually spend the day with, it’s not quite the same as going out for tea together but its better than being sat by yourself.

2. Do something nice for yourself

On my birthday I spent the night at a pole dancing class and that really cheered me up as it meant I was actually doing something on my birthday (rather than sitting at home alone) and I was also around a great bunch of girls. Whether you have something similar to do or if you just spend the night doing your make-up and having a glass of wine a little change in your routine can make your day feel a little more special.

3. Spend time with your (new) friends

Obviously this depends on how well you know each other but you can just go for a coffee in the afternoon, you don’t have to go clubbing if that isn’t your thing. After all the excitement from going to Hong Kong I didn’t really want anything extravagant for my birthday so I ended up going for sushi on the Friday with a friend and then having a couple of drinks afterwards, it was just nice to have a low-key celebration in Spain to acknowledge turning 21.

4. Buy yourself a present

Whether it’s a new pair of earrings or buying a packet of your favourite biscuits, when you don’t have any presents from your family to open you can always buy something for yourself!

5.  Arrange plans for when you’re back home

Arranging something with your family/friends for when you’re home will give you something to look forward to and is also an excuse to celebrate your birthday twice!

I hope these 5 little tips help you think of ways to spend your birthday while you’re abroad and help you to make your day a little happier rather than wishing you were back at home. Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments below and thanks for reading!


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