Andy’s visit to Seville

After all the Christmas, New Year and Hong Kong excitement my 21st birthday came around really quickly and the week after that Andy came to visit me in Seville. We got 4 full days in Seville and then stayed in Malaga overnight before his flight home. Although it was only a fortnight since I last saw him, it was so nice to meet him at the airport and then travel to Seville together. When we were together at Christmas, Andy was preparing for his January exams so most of the days he was in his spare room revising while I did my own thing so it was great to be able to actually spend some time doing things together. I’m not ashamed to say that a little tear appeared in the corner of my eye when we were reunited at Malaga airport and although 2 weeks apart isn’t long at all, it is always nice to be back together.


We did all the usual touristy things around Seville including the Cathedral and Giralda, the military watchtower, las Setas, Plaza de España and el Alcazar. We spread these out over the 4 days as I didn’t want the holiday to be too fast-paced and also didn’t want to run out of things to do. A tip to anyone going on holiday as a couple: buy a selfie stick!!! I didn’t realise how hard it was to get photos together while trying to get things in the background so in our holiday photos there are hardly any of us together but we got a couple of good ones.

Andy’s flight landed in Malaga just before 11 on Saturday morning and we spent Saturday day time having a quick walk around Malaga before catching the bus to Seville at 3, after opening my birthday presents at the flat we headed out for the night to celebrate my 21st. Some tapas and 3 bottles of cava later we were stumbling back to my flat at 3am, after having a great time and woke up nice and early ready to start the sightseeing.


Torre del Oro


Andy’s favourite place, Plaza de España

I absolutely loved showing Andy the sights around Seville, which has been my home for the past 5 months, and we saw loads of sights, ate loads of food and had a drink or two. We took over 400 photos in the 5 days which I think shows what a fab time we had together. We travelled to Malaga early Wednesday morning so that we could spend the day and night there, I’d booked us into a nice little hotel to make up for the fact we had to share a single bed.

Photos don’t do justice to how big the bed actually was
The view from our balcony

Although we only had one full day in Malaga we made the most of it by going to see the roman theatre, el Castillo del Gibralfaro, the Alcazaba and the Cathedral. We ended our little holiday with a lovely Indian/Mexican meal and then headed back to the hotel to have a drink on the rooftop terrace/bar.


Our time together was absolutely amazing and although doing long distance can be hard at times it’s always so so worth it. The countdown to me returning home is back on and with only 7 days left in Seville I’m looking forward to spending a week at home before starting again in Germany. Thanks for reading and thanks to Andy for an amazing week! xx




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