Hong Kong 2017

This is a long overdue post but I haven’t really had the chance to write it since getting back to Spain after Christmas, so better late than never.

For my 21st and my Dad’s 50th birthdays, my Mum organised a surprise trip to Hong Kong. We flew from Manchester (I’d forgotten how boring long flights are) on the morning of Thursday 5th January and flew home in the early hours of Tuesday 10th Jan, so after factoring in the time difference we had 4 full days to make the most of our trip. My Mum did a great job of organising the holiday, by making sure we had enough free time to do our own thing but also by booking some amazing trips out and about.


We managed to pack loads of sightseeing into our trip, and rather than break it all down into what we did individually I’ll just keep it nice and brief and include some photos.

We caught the tram up to Victoria Peak to give us an amazing view of the skyscrapers. The tram track was built in 1888, is over 1300m long and the journey to the top lasts 7 minutes. It gives some respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and allows you to really appreciate the number of skyscrapers, luckily it was quite a clear day when we travelled up which meant we had a good view.


I’m not one to turn down a good selfie opportunity!

We also had a full day tour to Langtau Island and Ngong Ping, which is home to the Big Buddha and the 360 Cable Car. There are too many photos of this great day to post them all so I’ll include a few of my favourites, at Langtau Island we saw a small fishing village and a beautiful secluded beach.



We then went on to see the Big Buddha and the 5.7km long Ngong Ping cable car ride, luckily we were able to take the cable car as the day after our visit it was scheduled to close for 5 months for repair works! Good timing Mum. The journey lasted 25 minutes and gave an amazing view over the mountains. We also had lunch at the Buddhist Monastery which was cool before taking the cable car back to the coach.


Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

We celebrated our birthdays well and truly in style and I can’t thank my Mum enough for organising this. My Dad’s face was a picture when I surprised him at work, a memory that I will never forget and thanks to Andy as always for driving me about wherever and whenever I ask. I’ll add some more photos from the trip below:


Our holiday together was cut short on the last day when I travelled home separately to my parents due to the flight being overbooked, the journey back was tiring and difficult as it took me almost 20 hours from leaving Hong Kong to arriving in Seville (via Manchester and Malaga). I then only had a week and a half to wait before Andy came to visit me, a blog post on our week together is to follow. Thanks for reading!


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