Driving (Flying) Home for Christmas

So in exactly 24 hours I will be landing in my wonderful England (Leeds Bradford to be exact), I can’t wait to spend some well deserved time with my family before driving up to Newcastle with my parents late on Christmas afternoon to see Andy and his family.

14 weeks working as an intern in Spain has definitely come with its ups and downs and I am so ready for 2 weeks of chilling, eating my Mums cooking and not having to use wordreference.com. I’ve spent this past week seeing some of my friends, going to pole classes, listening to Christmas music and watching Netflix which has made the time fly quickly and I can’t believe that Christmas is finally here.

Being away from home has really made me appreciate my friends and family and how much of an impact they have in my life, it has been so hard living in a country where I originally didn’t know anyone and I don’t think I’ve done too bad but I can’t wait to see my best friend (love you Annabel) and give her a big squishy hug.

I don’t have too much planned over Christmas, we’re going to my brothers house for the weekend then I’ll spend the next two weeks catching up with my friends, me and Andy have booked in at Las Iguanas on NYE for a loooong overdue date night and I can’t wait!!

I figured now is as good time as ever to do some reflective thinking so I’m going to mention my top 3 moments since I arrived nervously in Seville on 1st September

1. Being told by my friend that my Spanish has improved

As someone who lacks confidence when speaking Spanish this was a major breakthrough for me and made me feel very proud of myself, having only studied this language for 2 years I still struggle quite a lot and am too hard on myself if I don’t feel like I’m progressing as much as I “should” be.

2. Finding a pole dance studio that I love

I’ve finally found somewhere thats friendly and fun where I can practice my beloved hobby of pole dancing, learning new Spanish words and making new friends along the way. I’ve really missed my routine of going to pole with the uni girls every Thursday night so this is a nice way for me to stay conditioned and take up some of my spare time.


3. Spending the weekend in Malaga with my Dad

This definitely had to make the top 3 as we had such a good time together and managed to squeeze a lot into our 3 day weekend. I wrote a more detailed post here if you want to read about it!



So that’s it for today, short and sweet. See you in 24 hours Dad!


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