LDR Series: Benefits of an LDR

Part 3 of the LDR series: the benefits of being in an LDR

Yes, surprisingly there are benefits of being in an LDR and although they are hard work they are also very rewarding. Not every couple in the world can say that they managed to make it work while miles apart and that is something that you should be very proud of! So lets get into it:

1. Independence

Living away from Andy gives me total independence, I can completely do my own thing during the day/at night (so can Andy) and then we can both regroup via FaceTime and give each other updates on what we’ve been up to. I can approach my time here more selfishly, I don’t have to think about spending time with Andy or my friends and can completely do whatever I want, whenever I want (within reason). He understands that this is my time to experience new things and doesn’t mind if I don’t have time to spend hours on FaceTime for a few days if I’m busy sightseeing or meeting with my new friends. It also means that we don’t depend on the relationship and that we can function as two separate individuals, this may sound strange but I know couples who have never spent time apart and if anything were to happen to them or the relationship they wouldn’t be able to cope on their own.

2. A stronger relationship

Spending such a long time away from each other definitely builds the relationship up, our communication is a lot better, we love each other even more, are more committed and know that this relationship is forever (cringe). Not many people would stay as connected while 1,000+ miles apart and it would be very easy to just let ourselves drift apart, but the hard work and effort we both put in maintains our strong relationship and lets it develop into something even more special. Knowing that we can survive 11 months apart gives me the confidence that together we can tackle anything, despite the challenges that life may try to throw at us.

3. Share new experiences together

While Andy isn’t physically with me, he still gets to hear all about my new experiences, where I’ve been, who I’ve met, what I’ve seen etc. He gets to see all the photos and hear all the stories, it is a nice way for him to still be involved in my time abroad without him being here to experience it with me. It also brings the opportunity for fun holidays together if you can afford it, we’re hoping to book a trip for Andy to come over here in January for a few days and are going interrailing in August 2017 after I finish my placement in Germany.

4. Time spent together is valued so much more

Being away from each other really teaches you how much you appreciate your partner and just how much you love spending time together. I can’t wait until the next time I see Andy as there is so much that I have missed doing together; watching films, getting takeaways, going on dates, going on nights out with our friends, walking the dogs, etc. It really is the little things that you miss the most, and the next time that Andy insists on picking the film for our movie night maybe I won’t complain as much and will just appreciate the time spent together (unless its a horror film).

So I hope this post has inspired you to stay strong in your LDR and really see what positives it can have. Though there are obviously a lot of down sides to being away from each other if you see it as something positive as well then it can make your time apart that bit easier.

What do you think are the benefits of being in a LDR? Do you have any advice for others or a specific topic that you would like me to cover? Comment below and see you in the next post!


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