A weekend in Córdoba

This past weekend (12th and 13th Nov) I went to Córdoba for two days with my friend Mari and her friend Ana. We decided to go for two days so we could see everything although Córdoba is tiny so you could probably do it in just one day. Despite a rather interesting first Airbnb experience the weekend was fab and jam-packed, we left Sevilla at 08:30 on Saturday morning and after a last minute change to our return journey we arrived back at 21:00 on Sunday night.

Mari, me and Ana

We managed to squeeze the main monuments in, un montón de food and drink and lots of walking (just under 40km over the weekend) so I’ll give you a run down of what we got up to. I apologise in advance for the overload of photos!

El Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The first stop on Saturday afternoon was to drop our bags of at the apartment, go for a bite to eat and then we headed to El Alcázar. El Alcázar is a medieval castle located in the historic centre, featuring beautiful gardens and was one of the primary residences of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragorn. For only €4.50 each it was a steal and definitely a must see!

Torre de los Leones


The beautiful gardens


Ana, Mari and me

La Mezquita

La Mezquita, or the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, is definitely a unique building in the fact that it is a mosque with a cathedral built inside it. The site was originally a Christian place of worship but when the Muslims conquered Spain in 711 it was divided into Muslim and Christian halves. The Christian half was then purchased in 784, demolished and the grand mosque of Córdoba built in its place. When the Christians returned to rule in 1236 the building was converted into a Roman Catholic church, I hope I explained this better (with Wikipedia’s help) than when I tried to explain to Andy on FaceTime. There is a beautiful courtyard outside, called el Patio de los Naranjos (literally the patio of oranges), the bell tower which only opened to the public last year and the mosque-cathedral itself. Entrance to la Mezquita was €8 and €2 to climb the bell tower which I definitely recommend, make sure you go to the desk that sells the bell tower tickets first as sometimes there is a delay before you can get your slot, there are also tonnes of tapas bars around la Mezquita so you won’t be short of places that serve tapas.

The Bell Tower and el Patio de los Naranjas
The red and white arches of the mosque
The contrast between the arches of the mosque and the architecture of the cathedral.
The view of la Mezquita from the top of the Bell Tower
Overlooking el Patio de los Naranjas and la Mezquita

La Puente Romano

Although there’s not much to see here I wanted to include this “monument”, la Puente Romano or the Roman bridge of Córdoba is a bridge built by the Romans (hence the name) in the early 1st century across the Guadalquivir river. Throughout history the bridge has been restored and renovated several times, including an extensive restoration in 2006. Walking across the bridge gives you a great view of Córdoba from the other side, although unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap a photo of this, and best of all this is something that you can see for free!


El Templo Romano

Discovered in the 1950’s was the remains of a Roman temple, arguably the most important Roman temple of all and the only discovered by archaeological excavation. Built during the second half of the 1st century of almost exclusively marble, the only remaining parts are its foundations, the alter, the stairs and some columns. This temple was constructed by skilled craftsmen, which we can tell by the size and quality of the marble, making it one of the most beautiful buildings of the empire.


So that’s about all I have to talk about! I had an absolutely fantastic time with Mari and Ana, thanks girls for the company, laughs and good food (especially the paella).

Next weekend I am going to Málaga as my lovely Dad is visiting me for the weekend which I am sooooo excited for, keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about our trip. Hope you enjoyed the read!


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