Snippets from Tutor Post 1

As part of my assessment at uni I have to write 3 tutor posts of 800-1,000 words to let the uni know how I’m getting on, these posts are spread out across the year with one in November, February and then May. I thought I would post little snippets here with a description to give you a mini update on my Spanish life.

1. “When I first arrived in Seville I had 10 nights booked in a youth hostel to allow me time to find a flat that I liked, because of this it took me a bit longer to adjust to Spanish life.”

I definitely recommend this to anyone who is moving away for a significant period of time, although it will take you longer to settle in when you eventually find your flat you will be able to view in person, get a feel for its location and the people you will be sharing with, meet the landlord, and just be able to get a better feel for where you will be living. Now this doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have any problems with your flat but it will mean that you have seen it in person and know what you are getting for your money, which is much better than arriving to see that it looks nothing like the photos and instead of living with 2 girls you’re living with 5 other people.

2. “During the first few weeks abroad I felt quite lonely and a little homesick, I found it difficult to settle into my job and struggled with not knowing anyone in the city but now I feel much more at home and am a lot happier.”

It is completely normal to feel homesick and lonely in the first few weeks and the most important thing is that it will get better. I don’t know a single person who found it easy when they first moved away and I think it’s important to remember that you’ve made a huge change in your life and are now living away from everyone that you know!! So don’t worry too much if it still doesn’t feel like home after being here 3 weeks because these things take time.

3. “Ideally I should be practising my grammar exercises at least once a week and keeping up my German language but I haven’t been doing so yet, that is definitely a goal for the next coming weeks.”

This is one of those things that is a really good idea in my head but when it comes to doing it I kind of just ignore it: practicing grammar and German. I’ve half-heartedly tried to make some German friends but the only German event I’ve found is a Stammtisch that starts at 8pm and is a 45 minute walk away which definitely puts me off going. Maybe this will be the week were I put my words into action although I’m not very confident. I used to practise my Spanish grammar when work was quiet but I got told off so now I’m not allowed to do that and haven’t transferred it to sitting at my desk during the afternoons to do some- oops.

4. I don’t want to look back in 3 months time and feel like I wasted my time in Spain by sitting in bed and watching Netflix every afternoon.

Good news- I have signed up to my first ever pole dancing lesson in Seville (by the time this is published I will have already been to class, how exciting!) so that is rekindling my beloved hobby from Newcastle and will take up 2 afternoons a week with a 90 minute advanced level (scary) and a 45 minute flex class. For a total of 75€ for 6 weeks of classes I’m pretty happy with that, thanks to Dad for sending all my kit over so I can get a block of classes in before the Christmas hols. I’ve also been guilty of just staying in during the afternoons and going on my laptop which I want to avoid doing every day, it is quite difficult as a lot of my friends have classes at uni and sometimes can’t meet up because they have studying to do so I am finding it a bit difficult in that respect. Hopefully this picks up soon or I find something else to keep me occupied.

So the just about sums Tutor Post 1 up, I finished the post off with a comment that I have nothing to report to my tutor which is true- my Spanish live is just bumbling along and I can’t believe I have already been here for 2 months! I have spent this weekend in Córdoba with Mari and next week my Dad is coming to visit (!!) so keep an eye out for future posts about these two weekends and then there will be roughly 4 weeks until I’m home for Christmas which I’m very excited about, I miss my Mum’s cooking sooo much.

Hope you enjoyed the post and see you in the next one!






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