The Color Run Sevilla 2016

(It pains me very much to keep writing ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’ but that’s the official name so please bear with me)

On last Sunday (the 6th Nov) I completed the Color Run with my friend Mari and her 3 friends. Now, if you’ve never heard of the Color Run before, it calls itself the “the Happiest 5k on the Planet” and is an untimed event where the participants are doused head-to-toe in different colours at each kilometre.

The Colour Run 2014 in Hull

The run was originally starting at Plaza de España, but for some reason unknown to me they changed the start location, and instead of a 5 minute walk to get there I had to take a 30 minute bus journey so as you can imagine I wasn’t very impressed. The run was due to start at 09:30 I was meeting Mari at 9, so that meant a nice and early start for me as I had to catch the bus at 08:30, I wish I had taken a photo of just how busy the bus was as there must have easily been 50 of us crammed on all wearing the same t-shirt.



The course was fairly simple it was basically just 2.5km in one direction to then turn around and go back, finished with a fiesta with a DJ and a bar to get yourself a drink. We all bought something and then sat down and chatted for maybe half an hour before deciding to head home. The run was pretty fun, although it wasn’t organised amazingly (just like everything in Spain) and although I enjoyed it I wouldn’t do it again, especially not for 20€ as I just felt like it was lacking something. It did take up the full morning though and was a nice day out, I didn’t get home until 2pm then spent the rest of the day relaxing and on FaceTime with Andy.

Here are three more photos from the day:


I completed my look with matching t-shirt and sweat band and a very cool temporary tattoo
After the green station

So all in all I had a good day and was good fun to meet some new people, as this is the 2nd time doing this type of run I probably wouldn’t do it again but it’s great fun to do with your friends and there was a great mix of people doing it from really young kids to groups of guys wearing fancy dress. Take a look at the website here (UK) or here (other countries) to see if there’s any events near you!


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