Las Setas

So on Tuesday I met up with Silva, who I met on my hiking trip a few weeks ago, and we went out for a walk and decided to go up Las Setas.


It is claimed to be the biggest wooden structure in the world and was completed in 2011, it is made up of 6 parasols in the shape of giant mushrooms, hence the name, however it’s construction was the topic of public controversy due to it’s appearance during construction, location, costs and delays. Due to complications with the design construction was postponed for a few years before its completion and cost a reported €123 million at a time when Spain was in a deep recession.

It cost €3 to go up and that included a drink at the top and a free postcard, see below:

Tinto de Verano is always the drink of choice

The top of las Setas gives great views over Sevilla due to its approximate height of 26 meters:


A panorama I took last time I visited las setas, when the weather was noticeably better:


It’s not the most exciting tourist exhibition in the world but definitely worth a trip up for the views over the city. It was great to see Silva and catch up before she heads back to Finland on Saturday to return to uni. I wish her a safe flight and all the best and hopefully we see each other again!


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