La Catedral de Sevilla y La Giralda

After living here for almost 5 weeks I finally visited the cathedral! I think the entry for students was about 4€, free for Spanish nationals and general entry was 9€. It is so huge that it is impossible to capture it all in one photo, and it looks even bigger from the inside.

The funky ceiling ft my funky trousers
There are two parts to the cathedral, the cathedral itself and then La Giralda, the 104m bell tower that was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Fun fact: instead of stairs the tower has ramps so that people could ascend on their horses rather than climbing the stairs! I don’t blame them really, it was quite the climb. On the way up there are lots of windows to give you a view over the city as you get higher and higher.


From the top
Construction of the Giralda began in 1184, once the minaret of a mosque, when the city was ruled by the North African Muslim dynasty and was completed in 1198. By the mid 16th century, all the silver and gold of the New World passed through Seville and as a symbol of the city’s prosperity, architect Hernán Ruiz designed an ambitious addition to the Giralda by adding 30m to its height and turning the top into a bell tower. This is a tribute to the strength of the original design that it could withstand the new weight.

The Cathedral is just as beautiful from the inside and you really can’t do justice to just how huge it is, beautifully decorated and with lots to see you could spend hours here. My favourite parts were the organ and the ceilings with such great detail. I can’t recommend visiting this monument enough and now don’t know why I waited for so long to go myself!




Christopher Columbus
Sorry for the overload of photos but I wanted to try my best to do this beautiful architecture justice. I hope you enjoyed the post and the cathedral definitely lived up to my expectations. Thanks to Toñi and Ivan for showing me round and teaching me a bit about the history!


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