My Weekend in Newcastle

As some of you will know, I spent Thursday-Sunday of last week in Newcastle to surprise Andy for his birthday. My week at work was very short as I was only there Monday and Tuesday (thank god) and on Wednesday I took the bus to Malaga, ready for my early morning flight. All in all the weekend only cost about £150, including the bus to and from Malaga, a night in a hotel and the return flights. Well worth spending 3 full days with Andy and seeing the smile on his face when I turned up at his house. *heart eyes*

Below is a breakdown in costs for those who are interested:

Flights with RyanAir: £53.61

Holiday Inn Express Malaga for one night: £55.82

ALSA bus to Malaga return: £37.71

Note: this excludes the taxi from the hotel to the airport and the taxi to Andy’s

Travel itinerary:

The journey was fairly simple, as my flight was at 06:55 I had to travel the day before which was definitely a lot easier and meant I could just relax on Wednesday afternoon in my hotel room. The bus took 3 hours, arriving in Malaga at 15:15 so I had the full afternoon and evening to relax ready for my flight. It was the nicest coach I had ever been on, complete with a cold bottle of water, headphones, free wifi and a tv to watch films, tv programmes etc. Once I had arrived I tried (unsuccessfully) to get to sleep early as my alarm was set for 04:25 (ouch) and after a restless night due to the excitement and nerves I was awake about half an hour before my alarm even had the chance to go off!

The dreary weather on the way to Malaga- showing me what was to be expected in Newcastle!
07:39 over somewhere in Spain

Once I landed in Newcastle at roughly 9am, I got a taxi to Andy’s and knocked on his front door to shout surprise!! and was greeted by a lovely shocked face and a huge cuddle. Andy later admitted that he thought I was a Jehovah witness and was ready to tell me to leave him in peace and shut the door in my face… what a welcome that would have been!

How we spent the weekend

As those of you who are in a relationship will know, the main event of any couple is definitely going out to eat together and that is how we began the weekend. Heading straight to our favourite chippy on the coast (thanks to Andy for driving as always) I got a chip butty with mushy peas and Andy got the largest fish and chips I’d ever seen. Over the 3 days we managed to eat out at the chippy, Nando’s, the Fat Hippo and get a Papa Johns. Obviously the best bit about the weekend 🙂


Very upsetting when he doesn’t want a photo with me

We spent most of the weekend just relaxing and watching films together, we went out for food and some drinks on Friday night with Andy’s friends, then went to the metro centre on Saturday for a bit of shopping and some lunch. Then that was it! Sunday morning we got up at 06:30 ready for my flight at 9:30, this time Andy dropped me off at the airport and after a goodbye cuddle or two, we parted ways.

I had an absolutely amazing time in Newcastle and it was great to just spend time together after a month and a half apart, but I returned to Spain with a heavy heart and wishing I was back home. It will take a couple of days for me to feel settled in again but it was well worth it as we got to spend some much needed quality time together. Love you Andy xx


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