Senderismo en Aznalcóllar, Sevilla

21:39 on Saturday night and I am sat in bed eating nachos and salsa absolutely exhausted from the day’s activities. Today I went hiking in Aznalcóllar, a small pueblo outside of Sevilla, we took the bus there which took about an hour and then we were on our way. I was very grateful that my friend Cristi immediately said yes when I invited her along as I was a bit apprehensive about going on my own and definitely felt more at ease with a familiar face present, although saying that everyone who went was lovely and I enjoyed the chilled atmosphere and a different environment to practise my Spanish in!

See our exact route here, thanks to Franz for recording and sharing it!

I started the day nice and early and met Cristi at 8:45 to make our way leisurely over to the meeting point for 9:40, rucksack packed with my lunch, a litre of cold water and a towel. We arrived at the location at 11:00, noted that the return bus was at 17:00 and off we went.

At first the route was a bit… unconventional, as we scrambled along a very unstable-looking hill because we couldn’t see an alternative I was slightly worried I was going to slip and slide all the way down on my bum. Luckily, that didn’t happen and after about half an hour the route flattened out and I didn’t fear my impending death anymore.

I really enjoyed getting the fresh air and seeing another side to this beautiful place, especially with such a fun bunch of people, it was much better than being stuck in the house or walking around the centre for the 100th time (ok I’m exaggerating but really). After walking for 2 hours and covering 8km we stopped for lunch, avocado sandwiches and chocolate pudding was definitely a good choice, and then went for a dip in the lake. I was slightly hesitant at first and then realised I was being silly and went in, donning my bikini bottoms and sports bra at the height of fashion.

Unashamedly asking one of the girls “can you take a photo of me for my blog please?”

After a 2 hour rest, we walked the last 4km back to the bus stop which was difficult with tired legs in the hot sun (props to myself for putting on factor 30 suncream). Stopping for a very appreciated beer/coca cola, we then hopped on the bus with about 80% of the group asleep five minutes after setting off. All in all I had a fantastic day and this is definitely something I am interested in doing again.


Well I best get myself off to bed as my alarm is set for 06:30 to catch the Japanese Grand Prix, come on Seb!!


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