Things to Do/See in Seville

So, what amazing sights have I seen here in Seville I hear you are dying to know? Well not really, but you can read about it anyway. During my first few weeks I have managed to suffer through the heat (while complaining constantly to everyone who was back in England) and got out and about.

So in no particular order…

1. Plaza de España

I visited Plaza de España on one of the unberably hot days, think temperatures of 39 degrees, which meant I had to stop off to buy some cold water and sit in the shade for 10 minutes while I cooled down. Plaza de España may be known to some as Naboo from Star Wars (see below), built in 1929 for the Expo that I mentioned here, it is a beautiful piece of architecture and is one of my favourite places in Seville so far.

Plaza de España

It is also, coincidentally, where La Oficina de Extranjeros is located, where I spent a few hours applying for my NIE and Social Security numbers to allow me to live and work here.

2. El Alcazar

The beautiful castle located next to the Cathedral (which I am yet to visit) was also a great tourist attraction, with huge grounds and beautiful marble rooms to see at your own leisure. What I wouldn’t recommend is queuing for the free entry after 6pm, as me and a friend did, we waited for an hour sat in the shade to discover upon entering that the entry fee was only €2. Needless to say I would have happily paid €2 to avoid being sat on the floor outside for an hour.


3. Tour por Sevilla por la noche (y la tarde)
One of the lovely ladies that I met at the hostel, Maia, bought a 2 day ticket for a bus tour around Seville and she very kindly gave it to me to use on the second day. I took full advantage of this and went on the tour twice, once in the afternoon and then again at night. Ashamedly I fell victim to the heat of the sun and my old habit of falling asleep on buses and actually missed maybe half an hour of the afternoon route snoring away! Although slightly embarrassing I am used to dosing off occasionally on bus journeys so there’s nothing new there. Sitting on the top deck meant that I had a brilliant view of all of the monuments along the route and could snap photos from a good angle. Catching the last bus of the day at 10pm gave me a different view of the city, the lights illuminating the buildings gave it a magical feel and I thoroughly enjoyed the second route of the day. So thanks again Maia!!


4. El Toro del Oro
Last week, feeling like I needed to explore a bit more I decided to venture up el Toro del Oro which is the old military watchtower, providing a great view of the Guadalquivir river and it’s beautiful greeny blue colour as you climb right to the top and look out over the city. This trip was actually inspired by an instagram post my friend showed me, I wanted to climb up to see if I could get such a beautiful photo too and I hope I did it justice:

View of the cathedral
Overlooking the Guadalquivir river

5. Festival de las Naciones
2 minutes from my flat there is a lovely park and from 16th September until 30th October the Festival de las Naciones is taking place. There are several different stalls selling items from all over the world, ranging from food to clothes, and I bagged myself a trendy new pair of baggy trousers for €8 which I now wear whenever it is too hot for jeans (every day). They have various food stalls including Spain, Turkey, Peru, Colombia, Germany, India and even England although I have to say that the person who translated the menu needed a bit more practice. I sampled food from Peru, Turkey and India who had suprisingly quite a few different vegan options, see photo below of me, Álvaro and Marta sharing 2 pakoras and an onion bhaji.


I am yet to visit/do…

1. La Catedral de Sevilla
Although my youth hostel was a 5 minute walk from this beautiful monument I still haven’t been inside, rumoured as home to Christopher Colombus’s remains and the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world- depending on who you ask. I planned to go with one of the girls from the hostel but when we got there it turns out that they close at 2pm on Mondays… oops! I have managed to take some great photos of it and the next step is to venture in.


2. A boat tour along the river
When I visited el Toro del Oro I picked up a few leaflets for boat tours along the river, one of which boasted itself as eco friendly and carbon neutral obviously catching my eye. The various leaflets now sit on my shelf slightly forgotten about, but I hope that I will be embarking on a boat trip soon and may invite one of my new friends along for the ride.

3. Visit the vegan bakery
It is a wonder that I haven’t ventured to Veganitessen yet, a bakery offering cakes and buns galore to the vegans of Seville. At a 25 minute walk from my flat it isn’t the most convenient but I may have to treat myself to a birthday cake from there when the big day arrives (Jan 12th if you were wondering).


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