5 Interesting Facts About Seville

To get you to have a better understanding about the city that I’m living in, I have chosen 5 facts about Seville which I find quite interesting. From the history and culture to the people themselves, Seville has lots to offer for any tourist or local. I can’t wait to experience more of this local culture and I eagerly await the arrival of the famous oranges which appear on the trees from December to January.

Lets start with some basic facts:

Location: Seville, Andalucia, Spain
Population: 700,000+
Size: Seville has an area of approx. 140 km2
Climate: Subtropical Mediterranean climate, the average annual daytime temperature is 25 °C
Transportation: Tram, bus, metro, Sevici (cycling) and has it’s own airport.

And here are my 5 interesting facts about Seville:

1. Christopher Colombus (Cristobal Colón) is buried in the mighty glothic cathedral- which is the third largest in the world, behind St Peter’s in Rome and St Paul’s in London.ea4dfe706f0d38eca30b04ce5433a4d15f70fc8c

2. Tapas, small dishes to share between a group of people, originated in Seville and there are many theories surrounding their origin: some people believe they started as bread and ham, used as a lid (tapa) to cover wine glasses to stop flies/dust getting in, others say that as it is normal to drink standing up, they put their plates on top of their glasses. Tapas even has its own vocabulary; tapear is to go out for tapas, el tapeo is the activity itself and un tapeador is someone who eats tapas.

3. Sevillianos are very proud of their city: they are first and foremost from Seville, secondly they are from Andalucia and at a distant third they are from Spain.

4. Expo 29- The Exposicion Ibero-Americano, held in 1929 and which lastd a year, was designed to promote the city and encourage tourism, while presenting their cultural and industrial hertitage and technical prowess. The expo focused on Latin American countries, who each had their own pavillion to show off what they had to offer. This is when the famous Plaza de España was built, a typically Spanish building years ahead of the monuments of that time.escanear0017

5. The symbol of Seville- many will notice this symbol displayed all over the city, from buses to sewer covers. Legend says it orginates from the King to show his gratitude to

scarlet-no8do the Sevilliano’s for their support of the city. Between the ‘NO’ and the ‘DO’ is a bundle of wood- madeja in Spanish- and when put together it becomes ‘no-madeja-do‘ which in a Sevillian accent becomes ‘no me ha dejado’: it (the city) has not abandoned me. This motto was his reward to the people of Seville for their loyalty.

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed this post!


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