Working in Seville

I will be living in Seville for the next 5 months (1 months already in to my Year Abroad) with a lovely Spanish family and their pet dog, Africa. I am working for a translation company in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free for my own leisure.

So far in Seville I have visited various monuments, done lots of walking, sunbathed on the terrace, got very confused with the Andalucian accent, met some interesting people and more! I will be posting several blog posts to get you all up date with the goings on of the past month, including lots of photos!

For the first 10 days I stayed in a youth hostal whilst I got my bearings and to give me chance to actually view some flats before I decided on one. While this was slightly inconvenient (sharing a dorm and bathroom with 5 other girls) it made sure that there was always someone to talk to and i met some lovely people there. Fortunately I am now settled into my flat (see photos below) which is a 5 minute walk from the bus stop to work and only 10 minutes from the centre.


Although in some respects it only feels like 5 minutes ago I said a teary goodbye to my parents and boyfriend, it also feels like I have been living here for ages even though it has only been 4 weeks!! The days go fairly quickly when I am occupied at work but it still feels surreal that 4 weeks ago I was in England at the Premier Inn at Gatwick Airport getting ready for my flight to Seville.

So, I hope to entertain a few of you and keep you updated with the goings on over here over the next few months!



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