Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a quick introductory post about who I am, what I’m doing abroad etc, so here goes:

I am Eleanor, 20 years old, from Hull and a student at Newcastle University. I am currently living in Seville, Spain as part of my YA (Year Abroad) working as a translator.

This is me (on holiday in Amsterdam which my wonderful boyfriend paid for):img_0054

I originally decided to work rather than study to get a bit more work experience, and I wanted a break from revising, essays and exams! Although it has been a bit harder to make friends than if I had been at uni, I am enjoying the experience I am getting at work and will have something a bit different to add to my CV rather than just having studied for 4 years straight.

I will be in Spain until February and then will be moving over to Cologne in Germany for another 6 months, hoping to finish an internship there at the end of July.

My favourite things about Seville so far: the sunshine, the cheap drinks and tapas and the beautiful architecture

My not-so-favourite things: the heat, tea¬†time (10pm… Who eats at 10pm?!) and the hot and sweaty buses

Hope you enjoy reading!



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